The history of Alqueva
Browse the main section of the lake and its innermost arms, learn the details of the Alqueva project, the cultural anthropology of the surrounding lands, ecosystems, all explained in a close relationship with the crew.

Sailing at Sunset
Indescribable and unforgettable. The sunset light, the water mirroring, the mild temperature of air and water, the unspoilt nature. Those who have tried it always come back to repeat the experience.


Honor Alqueva on board
Give yourself the pleasure of associating some of Alentejo's regional tapas with a little side of winetasting, while sailing across the waters of Alqueva.


Lunch at a riverside village
Why not learn more about the villages in contact with the Alqueva?
We take you to a riverside village so that you can also enjoy the regional cuisine.
If you want, we can take care of the menus along with the reservation.


Birthday on board
Bring your cake and the champagne, or let us take them for you. Blow the candles out against the background of the Great Lake, with the company of those you love.


The Mills and Millers' Route
Get to know the importance that mills and their millers had in this region. From its location, the types of mills, the miller's work, up to the social uses of different flours. Sail with us through a territory that centuries ago was dynamic.


On the Island, a Picnic in the
shadow of the Holm tree

Bring the snacks, we'll take you with your family or friends to an island, so that you can enjoy a picnic in the shade of the holm tree.
Explore the island, get excited about the flora and fauna.